Cone Beam Tomography

We use the latest imaging techniques to help make the best treatment decisions for patients!

Cone Beam Computer Tomography Scans are special images which have revolutionized our ability to see beneath the soft tissues and inside the bone and even teeth!  The location of structures is critical to know when working with an oral surgeon for extractions and exposures of teeth and planning the direction of tooth movement.  These scan provide information that helps Dr. Feather make the proper treatment decisions for patients which in the past required educated guesses.  This means better decisions and better results with fewer side effects and less overall costs

The CBCT scanner is very expensive and we will refer you to an outside lab for your scan to be done.  The results are sent to our office and are always available for your review with the doctor or a CD can be given to you by the lab with the data.  This is helpful when  interdisciplinary care is needed requiring sharing of records.  These scans are often used when determining the amount of space needed for implants.



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