Your First Visit

When you first enter our office you will be amazed at the attractive appearance and relaxed atmosphere of our underwater and surfing themed office. A dolphin chases flying fish overhead and to your right, there is the illusion of a surfer who barely escapes the jaws of a bull shark!! Jellyfish float by and Moorish Idols, Triggerfish, and Clownfish dart in and out of the reef overhead and guide you to our receptionist’s desk.

Our staff, Chere or Sandy will greet you with a warm smile that reflects the Spirit of Aloha! We will need a health history form filled in for the patient before you meet the doctor. Kids can play computer games in the kid’s waiting area while the form is filled in. We highly encourage you to fill in the form online ahead of the appointment online.

When done, Chere, our treatment coordinator, will give you a brief tour of our office, introduce you to everyone, show you our sterilization area and then you will be seated in our semi-private area for our first appointment. If you prefer, a fully private room is available. Just ask. The doctor will briefly review the health history and do a thorough examination. Oral hygiene will be assessed…so make sure and brush and floss for the appointment!

Following the exam Dr. Feather will let you know if this is the best time to begin orthodontic treatment. If so, how long treatment will take, what types of appliances could be used, and whether other specialists or the general dentist will be needed to complete the case.

We are also known as a full service office that offers a wide variety of treatment options from Invisalign, to self-closing nearly clear braces, or more durable all metal braces. We even offer gold braces! Some problems can be treated with simple retainers! We are experts at finding the right solution to fit your busy lifestyle.

There is no charge for the initial visit unless the case is for jaw joint problems (TMJ problems). We offer a complementary panoramic film to help in the diagnosis. If Dr. Feather feels the patient is ready for treatment we will take impressions for study models. This is the first step in beginning treatment. Additionally we may take another set of impressions for transfer trays that allows us to place all the braces with the greatest possible accuracy at the next appointment. This process is quicker and more comfortable for you the patient.

If you are ready to start the process of fixing your bite and getting yourself to a brighter and healthier smile we are too! So call today for your free initial exam and let’s get you or your child on your way to a healthier and more attractive smile!


You may access the following forms to assist us with your care. Please print and fill out the following forms, then bring them to your appointment.

adobe These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, click the Adobe logo to download.
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