We have established protocols for sterilization and cleaning that meets and exceeds industry standards. For instance, our staff is required to review our procedures every two years. We do so yearly, in the Spring. You can never tell by looking at an instrument if it is sterile or not. Therefore, our sterilizers are monitored by an outside monitoring service. We send in and receive weekly reports from spore tests that assure the effectiveness of our sterilizers. Additionally, each batch of sterilized items is monitored by color changing strips so we know immediately if there is a problem.

The sterilization room and staff processes are not routinely seen by patients in some offices. Not so in our office. We are proud of our sterilization room and processes and include them as a regular part of our tour of the office to our new patients. You can rest assured that Dr. Feather and her staff take the utmost care in this important area of patient care to assure our patient’s protection.


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