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Rotodent Electric Toothbrush

These toothbrushes consistently perform well in scientific studies. They are shown to improve the plaque removal for the poorer brusher. The pointed tip is the best on the market for cleaning under archwires and at the gum line. You can see how closely this toothbrush resembles our professional hand pieces. It thoroughly cleans your hard to reach back teeth and along the gum line gently.

Replacement Heads for the Rotodent

Toothbrush - you should replace the head when the bristles begin to bend over or every three months. You can sterilize the head naturally by placing it on the window sill in direct sunlight.

Toothbrush Sterilizer

The human mouth is by far one of the filthiest places on earth. Literally millions of germs call the warm confines of the human mouth ""home sweet home"". Everyday we do our best to brush germs away in the fight against periodontal disease. The question is what's being done to get all of the germs and yucky plaque off of our toothbrush each day. Rinse with water? No matter how thoroughly you rinse you'll never eliminate every germ. In fact your toothbrush becomes a thriving breeding ground the moment you set it down. Think of it as a magnet for germs and you'll get the idea. Now imagine that you put that same germ infested brush back in your mouth everyday. Not a pretty thought. Until now. With the Super UV Toothbrush Sterilizer you'll zap germs once and for all. That's because the patented UV technology we use is the same that hospitals use for the cleanest possible sterilization. It's a safe bet you'll feel easier knowing that the same technology used to clean surgical instruments is being used to clean your toothbrush. 30 seconds is all it takes. Using a long life (never needs to be replaced) UV lamp, this incredible toothbrush-germ-zapper wipes out germs completely and fast. Space saving design makes it an easy travel companion. Includes DC power adapter. Can also be powered by 9V battery (not included). Here's one dental product that will keep you smiling for a long time.

Luride Tablets

shown to be more effective than rinses but only if sucked not chewed! Chewing these will break off braces. Very convenient as you can keep these in a small plastic bag in a purse or pocket for use anywhere. Perhaps best for the adult patient.

PhosFlur Fluoride Rinses

this rinse is non-alcohol based, and is 'acidulated' which just means it's more effective than the over-the-counter fluoride products. Must be used near a sink. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Use once a day, rinse for a minute and spit out into the sink.

Sports Mouthguards

these are the best I have found. The plastic is stiffer in the front and thinner. Therefore it is protective yet easier to get your lips around it. Additionally the thick pad in the back cannot be bitten through too far as happens with most store bought sports mouthguards. If the back plastic is too thin the protection to the teeth and the skull is not adequate and damage could occur even if the mouthguard is worn. The better the mouthguard, the less likely that damage will occur in accidents and injury.

Disposable Toothbrushes for Cold and Flu Season

A must for sleepovers, campouts, visiting at friends houses, vacations. These onetime use toothbrushes will prevent spread of germs or re-infection caused by reusing toothbrushes when sick with colds or flues.

Cleaning System for Invisalign® Patients

Love the way no one can tell that you are straightening your teeth unless you tell them? Here's a way to help keep your Invisalign Aligners sparkling.

Using the Invisalign Cleaning System you can clean and freshen your Aligners to maintain the beautiful clarity of each new Aligner. Nothing cleans better than the Invisalign Cleaning System! Smile all day long with a clear Invisalign smile.

Try the Invisalign Cleaning System and be thrilled with the results.

Efferdent Tablets

For helping to clean retainers. Use these regularly to stay on top of plaque and calculus buildup. Remember plaque left of the teeth or retainers and not regularly removed turns into a chalky white coating that won't brush off. At that point the calculus must be chipped off with a scraping tool. You can bring your retainers to our office for a thorough cleaning in our ultrasonic machine if needed. This is currently a courtesy service we do for you. However, long term cleanliness of your retainers rests with you the patient. Some samples available free at the office

Lip Protectors

Good for those playing certain musical instruments or those who's cheeks press tightly against the archwires. Available for free at the office.

Wax for Emergency Problems & For Comfort

When first getting used to braces. Available for free at the office.

Horseshoe Shaped Plastic Bites

For exercising the jaws and teeth. This helps to reduce soreness of the teeth with tooth movement. Also good for Invisalign patients to help the teeth move better and track in the aligners. You should squeeze into the cushion for 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off as often as is practical during the day. Get these from our office as needed at no additional charge.

White Soft Cushion Bite Sticks

that I find are very helpful in isolating problem areas on Invisalign patients. Once again, we have these at the office for your use at no charge. You should squeeze into the cushion for 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off as often as is practical during the day.

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